Skyball is a participatory temporary public art work that utilises the languages and codes of competitive sport to investigate ideas of collaboration, physical and mental dexterity under adversity and humour. Based on teams of three to six players, each player has their own personal inflated pod/sculpture that enables them to run around a field with the aim of scoring points. Players attempt to score two points if the ball hits the top of the pod, with one point for hitting the side. The game is made more complicated by the blurring of vision brought about by the clear plastic membrane and internal structure of the pods that makes clear lines of sight difficult. Games are of five minutes duration with a designated kicker propelling balls into the 50 metre diameter field every ten seconds. Commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre for Temporary Democracies in Airds, Western Sydney, Skyball sought to build social connections with the community through action, recreation and absurdity.

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2014, Airds, Western Sydney
Temporary Public Artwork