Receding Plane revisits earlier explorations into self-presentation, self-portraiture and performance. Consisting of a single unedited shot from a fixed camera position, the work investigates how my body might be seen to interfere in/interact with the logic of the monochromatic canvas. While only a short work, very little happens until the final dénouement where the wider context of the work is revealed. The collision of the real (the body) and the protean artificial (the monochrome) in this work locates Receding Plane within a tradition of practice that challenges our understanding of aesthetics and locale. The work concludes with a final scene that radically recasts our initial experience. A remarkable denouement takes place that unties in surprising ways the Gordian knot. The monochrome is revealed in a completely new light as the actual setting of the work is finally unveiled for the audience to see.

Single Projection DVD